About company

The company “Atardo” is known in Russia as a manufacturer and distributor of dried seafood, salty peanuts, croutons and canned fish for the brand “Shturval” since 2002.

More than 10 years “Atardo” has been guarantying very high quality and the unique taste of products for the brand “Shturval”. Quality is very important for us, that is why we use only the best ingredients and have already achieved very high standards.

Corporative philosophy of company “Atardo” is based on the professionalism, constant development and on the primacy of the interests of our business partners. Our company experts are sure that long-term cooperation with partners will eventually bring high stable income and strong market position. Cooperation with us is profitable and prestigious. Our partners know and value advantages of company “Atardo”:

  • Financial stability and independence of the company, which aim for permanent development and focus on innovation;
  • The company builds long-term relationship with business partners, which are based on the openness, loyalty and mutually beneficial cooperation that provides joint successful development.
  • The company satisfies the market needs by manufacturing the wide range of products of the highest quality.
  • The reliable company that guarantees the implementation of its obligations under the proposed maintenance and service of the product, as well as controlling the brand at all stages of distribution.

Seafood snacks, croutons, canned seafood, nuts and dried fruits, potato chips proposed by our company- it’s not only the products in convenient packaging, that follow the criteria of time-consuming, but due to the unique manufacturing technology, it’s healthy and tasty food. The products of the brand “Shturval” could be useful in any situation: outdoors, at home, at work, during the travelling. By the way, we shouldn’t forget that canned seafood, salted-dried fish and nuts can be easily used as the ingredients for cooking of different meals (appetizers, salads).

Salted –dried and smoked fish snacks of the company “Atardo” are wide-range of products, which variety always increases. The production “Shturval” doesn’t contain any preservatives and GMO. All stages of manufacturing are well-controlled; in addition, staple is thoroughly tested in the special laboratories. Bright individual packaging not just attracts buyers and increase appetite, but provides immutability of the favorite tastes after the long-term storing.

Due to the wide-range of different snacks, peanuts, canned seafood, chips, reasonable price together with the high quality products the brand "Shturval" is loved and popular among the customers of any income level. No wonder the results of marketing research "How to create a successful brand in the snack market?" Conducted by specialists of "Breakthrough" brand "Shturval" is recognized as among the most "rational" (where "rationality" - a small price).

To create with love — that’s the secret, which makes it possible to achieve an ideal combination of all components and guarantee unrepeatable taste of the product. Employees of our company value the quality of our product and put all their effort to achieve the best results in production. To sum up, taking a part in exhibitions and festivals, numerous victories in the competitions just confirm the rights of the production of the brand “Shturval” to be called THE BEST.

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