Marketing support
High-quality product
The products of company "Atardo" has produced by the best food production companies in accordance with the ISO, HACCP and BRC standards. Using the most modern production technology and only the best raw materials "ATARDO" company guarantees the highest quality and safety of produced food, which is supported by numerous awards and achievements. The products of company "Atardo" is multiple winner of international exhibitions, the finalist and the winner of the program "Control purchase".:

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Long expiry dates

Long expiry dates on all grocery categories

A high level of profitability

The product range of "ATARDO" company only offers the most marginal categories of the medium price segment. Contracts with "ATARDO" are considered among the most lucrative and highly profitable opportunities for distributors.

The geography of sales

Nowaday, "ATARDO" works with more than 170 distributors from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and is continually expanding its strong distribution. The company's products are represented in more than 100 cities, more than 40 thousand of retail outlets and in more than 230 key retail chains all over Russia. Quantitative distribution exceeds 80% in some regions.
Marketing support

For the purpose of effective products promotion in key markets, the company provides superior marketing support.
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