Canned fish and seafood

Imported products produced in factories in China. All factories are certified RSKHN (Rosselkhoznadzor) of the products in Russia. The quality and safety of each batch of products tested and certified by the state veterinary authorities twice to export from the country of origin, as well as when imported into the Russian Federation.

For quick and easy opening cans have a ring EASY-OPEN

Tin coated with lacquer the inner side (enamel) that protects the product against oxidation and interaction with the metal retaining all beneficial properties of the product

Double-breasted bank keeps the product without damage, allowing the product to spread on top of each other on store shelves

Grammage 185 g cans net - the best portioned product weight

Products produced in Russia, made ​​in strict accordance with GOST

Special technology allows the preparation to ensure long-term storage of products

For the production of tuna is used only bloodless deli tuna fillets, without skin and bones

In the production of cod liver premium (Bank 185 g and 250 g), only chilled liver, bypassing the freezing process. Because of this it remains the maximum amount of nutrients, and the finished product is produced especially tender and tasty.
In the production of sprat used hand-laying fish, unmatched look content of can. Smoking on the natural alder sawdust gives a nice classic, everyone's favorite flavor.
For the production of salmon used only high-quality raw fish spawning without changes (so-called "silver"). The meat of such fish has a nice pinkish hue and delicate flavor.