Dried salted and smoked seafood snacks

A balanced portfolio of products, including a common position (anchovy, yellow stripe, squid, etc.) and unique (goldfish in Shanghai, shrimp, octopus).

Sealed packaging is not breathable and moisture, keeping a product during all expiration date

Bright packaging design, informative label is sure to attract the consumer's attention to the salt-dried fish TM "Shturval"

Each package is equipped with Euro-hole slot

Notch for easy opening package

Each package provides a window that allows you to display items in the computation at the point of sale

Imported products produced in factories in China and Vietnam. All factories are certified RSKHN (Rosselkhoznadzor) of the products in Russia. The quality and safety of each batch of products tested and certified by the state veterinary authorities twice to export from the country of origin, as well as when imported into the Russian Federation.


Special technology allows the production to provide long-term storage of products (from 12 to 24 months) when stored

Packaging products in the "spikes", the application of bar codes on each pack, a spike and a box provides ample distribution

Convenient packing 18, 36 grams for the outlets of all categories from A to C

The products are packed in a corrugated box with a high rib, preserving packaging during storage