Potato chips

Production is based on the standard OFSS (Orkla food safety standard) - a system of quality control and safety, developed the largest industrial holding company Scandinavian ORKLA Group in accordance with the requirements of the advanced world.

Production is fully automated and equipped with advanced European equipment.

The structure of chips is only natural sea salt

Without the use of artificial colors and flavors

Bright packaging design, colorful (curvy) grocery area and informative label is sure to attract the consumer's attention to the chips TM "Shturval"

Production of chips located in the European Union, which means that continuous quality control at all stages of production

Grammage convenient packaging - 75 g

For the production of chips using natural vegetable oil of the highest quality

For the production of chips used only selected varieties of potatoes that allows you to do especially thin slices and crispy. The uniqueness of the production is that it is based on its own resource base, starting with the cultivation of potatoes in their own farms and ending with the storage of raw materials and production of finished products

The products are packed in show-boxes that can improve the display of goods in a shop