For the production of nuts TM "Helm" is used only high quality raw materials. Peanuts comes under direct contracts from Argentina. Argentine peanuts, in turn, has superior flavor qualities richer flavor and aroma compared with the Chinese peanuts, but the latter and above. Used for the production of pistachio Iranian pistachio exceptional natural erection.

We do not use a mechanical pistachio disclosure - when nevyzrevshie untwisted grains forced open by mechanical means. This is much cheaper than natural pistachio, but loses her and greatly in taste and organoleptic qualities. Furthermore, the weight ratio between the grains and pistachio shells have much higher natural disclosure.

Sealed packaging is not breathable and moisture, keeping the product for the entire duration of

Bright packaging design and informative label is sure to attract the consumer's attention to the pistachios TM "Shturval"

Each package is equipped with a hole evroslot

Notch for easy opening package

A small amount of boxes can reduce logistics costs and provides easy entry, even in the small retail outlets (1 Cor. 30g - 30 pack., 1 Cor. 150 g - 9 pack ., 1 Cor. 300 g - 4 pkg.).

Peanut — one of the most common types of groundnuts. In fact it belongs to the family of legumes. Due to its qualities and healthiness, it’s hard to overestimate peanut nutrition value. Peanut bean contain more than 35% of proteins, around 50% of fats and big amount of necessary for human vitamins and trace elements, moreover, there are lots of unsaturated fatty acids and none of the cholostrine in it and finally, exquisite taste make peanut as indispensable product for a full and healthy diet.

Peanut is widely used in the food industry (confectionery industry) as well as a delicacy in blanched or roasted forms.

We get the raw product directly from the growth country- from Argentina, by contracting with the largest manufacturers. It gives us an opportunity to guarantee the freshness and high quality of the obtained product and let us to propose profitable price.

Interesting that argentine peanut has characteristic shape and size of the kernel. In comparison with its Chinese fellow, which is little bit bigger but insipid, argentine peanut is slightly sweet and has a rich aftertaste. Therefore, in a salted form argentine peanut isn’t cloying and annoying, but soft and quite pleasant taste.

The raw product which we get from our suppliers is partially processed in Argentina, where all unnecessary rubbish is removed. However, further processing and roasting takes place in Russia.

In contrast to the products from other manufacturers, our peanut is processed using an unique technology- by the method of “dry roasting”. This method implies treating the product with dry air. Herewith, every nut evenly stewed, but even in process of time doesn’t become burnt, because there is no excess of oil.

Furthermore, dry roasting is better than in frying in oil, because it lets peanut not just to save all useful properties and ensures that there is none of carcinogens. These peanut is tasty and doesn’t leave any sludge on the hands.

To conclude, peanut and peanut butter mainly contain unsaturated fatty acids, which help to decrease the amount of cholesterol in blood. Recent researches showed that regular eating of peanut as a part of nutrition can considerably decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Due to all these advantages peanut is easy-selling product, very popular among people.