Sprat fried in tomato sauce
Sprat fried in tomato sauce
Net weight /
Investing in a box

240 g (with ring Easy Open) / 48 pcs.

Consist The Baltic sprat, tomato sauce: tomato paste, vegetable oil, sugar, wheat flour, onion, salt, acetic acid, spices.
Food value (in 100g of product) Protein - 8.5g, carbohydrate - 11g, fat - 10 g
Calorific value 182 kcal
The temperature and shelf-life

At a relative humidity of 75% and a temperature of 0 º C to +25 º C - 3 years

Country of origin Russia
We use a unique technology of preparation in which the fish is fried before pouring in tomato sauce, that gives it a special gourmet taste and savor.
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